A Medical Tourist Checklist

A Medical Tourist Checklist

You have done all the requisite preparation and research in anticipation of traveling internationally for a elective medical procedure. Nonetheless, nearly everyone undertaking such a seemingly daunting task forgets to address one or more of the following items or issues.

a. Passport with enough valid time before it countries require specific amounts of time, even though you will be back home well before the expiration date. Check with your carrier (airline) weeks prior to departure.

b. Does your destination require specific immunizations prior to entry.

c. Change $50. for the local currency of your destination, in small denominations.

d. Leave a complete itinerary with a trusted relative, lawyer or friend complete with contact telephone numbers names and addresses

e. Call your credit (debit) card companies to alert them of your trip and to allow increased spending limit authorizations while out of the country

f. Living will and regular wills updated if necessary / DNR’s etc.

g. Travel insurance

h. MedJet Assist or similar coverage

i. Dual language phrase book

j. All existing and refilled medications in original pharmacy containers

k. Drug holiday from anticoagulants as recommended by attending physicians in anticipation of surgery,( can be up to two weeks prior to departure).

l. Call airlines for special assistance if required well in advance to departure

m. Arrange for appropriate seating for your return flight depending on your specific requirements

n. Patients with PVD (peripheral vascular disease) must take travel times into consideration consult with attending physicians

o. Check with telephone service provider regarding coverage in destination country, calling plans, SAT phones etc.

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p. Battery chargers and electrical connectors for destination country if different from your own

This list is merely a start, consult your facilitator and all parties concerned and then check again. However it is my hope that the list will greatly help all concerned Luck, and Travel Safe!