A Travel Review on Doha

A Travel Review on Doha

Qatar is a small peninsula in the Middle East; its capital city is Doha, which is quickly becoming a very popular tourist destination. The best time to visit Doha is in the autumn, winter and early spring months. The weather is lovely at these times because it’s not too hot, I would personally advise you to avoid the summer months because the heat makes going outside unbearable.

While in Doha, a visit to the souks is a must, and in particular Souk Wakif which has recently been refurbished to host the many shops selling materials, spices, honey, perfumes and Middle Eastern artifacts. The souk comes alive at night with the coffee shops and numerous restaurants offering cuisine from Arabia, Africa and Europe. Doha also has its fair share of shopping malls with plenty of well known designer shops; however most of them have a twist. For example, the City Centre Mall is home to Doha’s Ice Rink, which is visible from all five floors of the shopping center. Then there’s the Villagio shopping mall which has a canal running through it, where you can even have a ride on a gondola!

If shopping isn’t your thing then head just outside of Doha to try a 4×4 sand dune safari, this is a great way to see the desert and have fun with friends. You will be driven by your tour guide who will stop at the edge of various sand dunes before swooping down them at great speed! After this thrilling experience you will stop for lunch in the middle of the desert and feast on an Arabian bbq. The 4×4 safaris give you the option of camping out overnight at the inland sea. This enables you to stay in Bedouin tents, which is a fantastic experience and the views that greet you in the morning are breath-taking.

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Another great desert tourist spot is Shahhaniya where they hold the camel racing. In the last couple of years they have introduced robot jockeys, which are controlled by the owners who drive alongside the track during the race. It’s a great thing to experience because there’s nothing like it in the UK!