Anyone Can Travel, If You Follow These 7 Thrifty Traveling Ways

How to travel cheaply? Can we all travel?

Keep working without taking a vacation, especially now that it’s almost the end of the year. Of course, most of the employees are already feeling bored with his job and wants to traveling is not it?

Follow these 7 ways to save traveling costs .

Entering Year End Time Traveling
Today, traveling is a necessity for urban people who feel tired with routine work.

But for traveling, we have to prepare money for fees and other costs. Usually for them the employees will allocate a few percent of their salary for traveling expenses .

For those of you who already have a plan of traveling , of course, the end of the year is the right time for a vacation, because usually you still have vacation time available in a few days.

However, this plan will be implemented if the travel costs are visible.

Oh yes, we often fail traveling because hampered the problems of cost, or maybe you’re afraid to plan for traveling because of hesitant about the cost.

Even some people think that traveling is only for those who have more money.

Unlike the statement above, actually traveling can be done even though we have a minimal budget.

For those of you who already have the purpose of traveling or are still counting the cost of traveling , there are seven ways of traveling savers that save the current budget traveling you can practice.

7 Ways Traveling save
Who doesn’t want their traveling costs to be cheaper and more economical? Follow these 7 cheap traveling ways to make your traveling happier.

#1 Prepare Travel Routes and Make Traveling Schedules

The development of the times and technological advances facilitate all human affairs. One of them is an application that can help you while traveling .

With ease, you can find the closest travel route to your traveling location , including looking for rest areas to eat, worship and go to the toilet while traveling and other activities.

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Many applications can be used, such as Google Maps, Waze, GPS and so on. It’s just that to use this application you must provide battery, internet data, and a good internet network while traveling .

The preparation above will really help you maximize your traveling trip . Without route preparation and time schedule , you might get lost and you don’t focus on time allocation, so you can’t visit all of your traveling agendas completely.

It’s a shame if you’ve allocated a fairly large fee, even to take a sabbatical, but not all the tourist sites you want can be visited.

Cliche excuses emerge. There’s not much time!

#2 When Traveling , It’s Good To Bring Enough Items

Carry goods ringkes affairs for those who like traveling or like backpacker would have immediately understood. For those who don’t understand, you have to learn, so you don’t have to worry about traveling later .

Be careful, wanting to look fashionable usually makes you pack a lot of clothes and stuff

Backpacks, sneakers, or shoes that can be folded, a toothbrush that can be folded in a box with toothpaste, or soap that is made of paper are examples of compact items that are suitable for traveling .

Avoid carrying bags that are pulled with wheels (suitcases), even if you bring small children, it is less practical and complicated if you are in a hurry.

For toiletries, it’s a good idea to use all- sachet equipment to make it easier. The equipment is not a pity for you to leave, rather if you forget.

For towels, you can use a more multi-functional kimono.

Provide refillable drinking water bottles, such as a small thermos or plastic tumbler .

Believe it or not, the price of drinks will increase drastically in vacation spots. Very wasteful especially if you are traveling to hot places.

#3 Find Trending Locations in Traveling Places

Before leaving, it would be nice if we Googled first the locations that were becoming trending in the destinations we were going to visit, such as culinary places, natural attractions, and all kinds of specialties from the area.

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This is so that you can compare the costs that must be incurred when traveling . Currently, there are many applications to check the trend of developing tourist destinations.

One example: if you want to see the crater at Mount Bromo, there is a choice whether to take a Jeep or another vehicle.

Just try to check and compare tariffs, official transportation prices and local product accessories there that are trending.

In the end, this effort will make your traveling costs more efficient and cheaper.

If you are going with a partner or family, it is also a good idea to involve them in comparing to get more varied prices.

#4 Traveling Group ( Family Gathering ) For Cost Sharing

Interrupted by fatigue from work, nowadays family gatherings are often found .

Traveling together is obviously very beneficial, especially if the office which bear all travel expenses traveling you.

Take advantage of traveling together like this for togetherness with family and colleagues. There is nothing wrong with the proposed tourist destinations to be discussed together in order to accommodate the wishes of most of the traveling participants .

In addition to being cost-effective because they can share the budget , family gatherings are also easy to visit tourist destinations because they usually use tour guides who will help show your traveling destinations so you don’t waste time.

#5 Quick to make decisions when traveling deviates from the plan

Neat as planning any traveling you make, sometimes there are things that a plan is not appropriate, especially if the agenda traveling hampered by the weather or natural conditions.

For example, during a trip to an island that requires a boat trip and it turns out that when you want to go home the weather doesn’t allow it so you have to extend your stay. This is outside the agenda and budget that you have made.

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If you experience this condition, before leaving a good idea to prepare a plan A, B, C if necessary to D. When an obstacle, move execution planning can be quickly done. If not, the cost will swell because it is beyond the initial prediction.

#6 Be Stylish And Stay Fashionable When Traveling
Fashion doesn’t have to be expensive. If you want to save money, avoid buying clothes or accessories at tourist sites that do not have the characteristics of the place.

Buying products at tourist sites is certainly more expensive than buying outside tourist attractions.

To capture the moment, just use a smartphone , you don’t need to provide a special fee to buy or rent an SLR/DSLR camera.

After all, today’s smartphones are even more practical, after snaps you can directly share them on social media, such as Facebook or Instagram. After that, just wait for the comments that appear!

#7 Travel Insurance Will Make Your Traveling Safer

This last point is not really for the purpose of frugality.

By joining travel insurance, you actually spend money to pay premiums. Actually not expensive, only hundreds of thousands. However, the benefits are immediately felt.

Travel insurance will cover the costs, if while on the trip you experience something unexpected. In terms of financing, of course you will benefit greatly. Although you certainly don’t want this bad thing to happen.

Just in case you can’t go wrong with travel insurance, as the saying goes ‘prepare an umbrella before it rains’.

Insurance also makes your trip more comfortable without a burden, although the main key to travel safety is your caution.

Traveling Fun
Well, fun isn’t it? Traveling was not as expensive as imagined.

Hopefully your family vacation plans, or with friends will be implemented soon. And hopefully your traveling will be more enjoyable with the 7 ways to travel cheaply that we have explained in the previous point.