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Five Thrilling Water Sports Options Near Mumbai

Mumbai is synonymous with dynamic activity. Constant chase of dreams and conquering of challenges are the things that drive Mumbai people. It would not be wrong to say that people in Mumbai are daredevils. This is the reason why their vacation trips also begin and end with thrilling adventures.

The locations near Mumbai have given great opportunities for the people to indulge in thrilling adventure sports. And most of them include breath-taking water sports. That is why adventure seekers from all over the country leverage the benefit of airline such as Indigo Airlines to catch a flight to Mumbai, and come here to indulge in these sports. While you do indigo web checkin before boarding, you may browse for a few destinations in and around Mumbai for adventure sports.

To make your adventurous trip thrilling, we have picked the five best water sports near Mumbai.

  1. Kayaking

The Arabian Sea awaits the Kayaking lovers who come from all over the country. The Chowpatty location is where you can indulge in this water sport. The waves present a moderate level of difficulty, which makes this an entertaining task for everyone. Hence, you can even have this experience with your family members and friends who don’t know how to row kayaks.

  1. Rafting

By driving for about 120 km from Mumbai, you can reach the Saje village. The village is located near the Kundalika river. The remote location offers beautiful sights and the waves for Rafting. It is the Bhira and Mulshi Dams that provide thrilling waves.

You are required to reach the location early in the morning and gather your gear. Then, you start rafting in an 11 km stretch.

  1. Scuba diving

Scuba diving is another adventurous water sport that you can easily find near Mumbai. Reaching Malvan from Mumbai, you can find yourself amidst the coastal beauty of the Tsunami island. The island offers multiple activities to indulge in such as boat rides, island tour, and banana ride. But the most amazing water sport here is the scuba diving. The activity allows you to explore the beautiful marine life of the location and see its sparkling colours in the clear water.

  1. Sailing

If you care more about the leisure of life, then Mumbai also has a luxurious water sport for you too. You can book a speedboat and race over the waves of the Arabian Sea. The calm waves of the sea and the sound of the wind allow you to escape all your worries and have a relaxing time with your own soul.

  1. Parasailing

When you are in Malvan near Mumbai, don’t miss the chance to experience the thrill of parasailing. This adventure water sport is one of the most popular ones in the location. Adventure seekers from all over the world come here to fulfil their desire of indulging in Parasailing. The professionals are available to guide you through the whole process. Hence, the sport is highly exciting for every adventure lover.

So, that’s a wrap on this topic. The mentioned five water sports and the locations should help you select your own favourites and plan an adventure trip with your friends. Make sure you understand the timings and schedule, so that you aren’t disappointed when coming from another place like Delhi. Once you have the info, book Delhi Mumbai flights, and plan your stay to make the experience comfortable.


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Where to Vacation on The Oregon Coast

The Oregon coast is one of the most beautiful and rocky places on the Pacific. You may choose to visit the coast during your next vacation, and there are incredible places to go once you find the creasing waves and morning fog. This article explains why an Oregon coast vacation is your best choice when traveling.

Why Is The Oregon Coast Unique?

The best places to stay on Southern Oregon coast all sit along much rocker beaches that have a high rate of fog cover in the morning. It is a mysterious and beautiful place, and you may choose to stay right on the water where you may hear the waves every morning and evening.

The Oregon coast is lined with beautiful forests, and you may discover that a hike is in your future because the hills and trees are there. You may duck into tiny villages on the coast that are home to kind fishermen, and they have many local shops that you may fall in love with.

The Fishing Culture

The fishing culture on the coast is incredible for you to experience because every diner and restaurant uses locally-caught fish. You may dine on the most incredible food you have tasted because everything is fresh off the boat, and local restaurants have their own crab traps that sit just off the shore.

The fishing culture also allows you to travel to different places on charter boats for fishing or tourism. You may take many lovely pictures of the coast from the coast, and the coast looks far different when you see nothing but a panorama.

The Coast Is Affordable

The Oregon coast is one of the more affordable places to stay on the Pacific coast, and you may choose from a number of locations that are beautiful to behold. They allow you to stay in rustic inns, and they make the experience a bit more familial as they get to know you and your kids.

The coast has many lovely shops that are not designer brands or chains, and you may spend just a few dollars on all your souvenirs. This is the sort of vacation you take when you want to carry just a few dollars in your wallet as opposed to using your credit card to spend hundreds.

Make Memories

The Oregon coast has quite a lot of history, and you may continue to make memories in this place every second that you are there. Take as many pictures as you possibly can, and get to know the people that you meet. You may fall in love with some of the shops, and you may come back to meet people that you liked most.

The Oregon coast is a picturesque place to come when you want to vacation and get away from it all. You may drive or fly to the coast at any time, and the coast welcomes you with beautiful sights and kind locals you must get to know.

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Unique Jamaican Twists on Foods from Around the World

If you are going to Jamaica, then you will find a wide variety of cuisines. Many people from other countries including Ireland, South Africa, India, Spain and China brought their favorite foods with them when they settled here. Therefore, this island country has a unique blending of foods from around the world that inhabitants have changed to make it their own.


While chicken is the most popular food to be prepared with jerk spices, guests to Jamaica will also find many places serving pork, seafood and other delicacies spiced with jerk seasoning. A blending of spices including habanero peppers and allspice is applied to the meat before it is slow cooked. Relying on local resources, the meat is cooked over pimento wood.

Red Pea Soup

Many restaurants serve red pea soup either by itself or with a sandwich. This soup is made with kidney beans and pigtail that has been soaked or boiled to remove some of the salt. Then, it is usually combined with allspice, habanero peppers, peas, yams, scallions and taro.


There are many ways that seafood is prepared in Jamaica. Many people gather on the beaches to make fish stew cooking it in a big pot over wood. Many upscale restaurants serve fried fish. Still, others love to dine on roasted fish that is prepared wrapped in tin foil. Codfish is often boiled with ackee. This fruit is originally from West Africa can be toxic, however, if not allowed to ripen naturally. Therefore, people staying in villas may want to wait to eat it with local residents who understand this fruit.

Chicken Foot Soup

While many parts of the world throw away the feet of the chicken, they are considered a delicacy in Jamaica. They are prepared as a soup with a variety of vegetables. Others love to substitute cow testicles for the chicken feet while using the same types of vegetables. All soup in Jamaica is prepared with a very watery broth. It is considered impolite to not tip the bowl up and drink the broth. The tail of oxen are often prepared using a very similar technique.


Billy goat meat is prepared in a variety of ways. Curried goat is often served. Unlike in India where the meat is cooked and then spices added, most people in Jamaica add the spices to the meat and then brown the goat meat. Once the meat is almost done, then water is added to the pot where the meat continues cooking. Alternatively, billy goat meat is often prepared in a soup alongside vegetables. The most important ingredient in this soup, however, is young bananas that are left unpeeled. Chefs slice them thin and allow them to cook alongside the vegetables and goat meat.

If you are planning a trip to Jamaica, then make sure to try these foods. While many foods draw on the traditions of people who have moved to Jamaica, people settling here have taken the basic ideas and made these recipes their own. Many Jamaican chefs give these basic recipes their own unique twists.


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Planning a Vacation

The most important part of a plan is to choose the location. A lot of people like to talk about traveling but they do not disclose their destination. The reason is picking a place around the world is a tough deal. If you really want to spend a vacation soon, you have to set the destination first. Without a proper destination, you cannot begin planning. Then, the second important part is to decide the length of your trip. You cannot estimate your costs without fixing the length.

Now you know your destination and time frame, so you need to calculate the costs. You have to research every small details to get a real view of your costing. At this moment, you have to choose your traveling style whether you want to backpack or want to stay in a luxury hotel. The next step should be saving money for the upcoming journey. You know it is not a big deal to save some portion of your income for the long awaited trip. Besides, you can get a travel credit card and use it regularly to win a free flight almost everywhere in the world. Moreover, getting a hotel card can bring you a free hotel room as well. In the meantime, you can read books or blogs focusing on your destination. This will inspire you to stay focused on your goal.

Now you are prepared, inspired and saving money for your goal. It is high time you start checking the best deals available in the market. Maybe your goal was to travel Paris but there is a huge discount going on Thailand right now. It is better late than never to change the destination for a budget-friendly vacation. The world is very big and things are happening quite faster than you imagine. These offers may change your destination but the world is still young to discover. So, always try to look for a money-saving deal.

Now the story begins and you are almost ready to fulfill your dream. You know flight schedules and hotel accommodations are so tight these days. So, you need to book your flight and hotel room as early as possible. You can consider doing a CHALET RENTAL if you have planned for the Alps. Now you have successfully completed the major preparations. So, you can proceed to sketch day to day activities and make sure to do any last-minute adjustments. Moreover, you can set up online bill payment service to save yourself from any penalties. Also, you must not forget to tell your bank or credit card provider that you would be traveling soon. Otherwise, your transactions may be flagged as fraudulent and you may get your card blocked.

Finally, you can pack for your trip now. At this moment, you may consider buying a travel insurance, it is useful in many ways. Trust me, it is more than a medical protection. Now if you have come this far, you are ready to rock and roll. You just head to the airport and board your plane. No more today, it is time to enjoy the fruits of your hard labor.…

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Go on More Adventures to Stretch Yourself

If you enjoy exercising and getting involved in sports and recreation activities in the outdoors, then you need to plan to do all of that more often. You need to take on more challenges where sports are concerned, and you need to get your friends involved so that you will have more fun. You can decide on where to go for your vacation based on the activities that you would like to do, and you will feel like you are living life to the fullest when you do that.

You Can Find Adventure Anywhere

When you are willing to try new things, such as heli skiing, you will have more fun in life. And, you will be able to find adventures when you are at home when you take on new things like that, and even more adventures when you are away from home when you get away specifically to spend a few days participating in something as fun as skiing. You can learn how to do all kinds of things with the help of an instructor, and you can plan your vacations all around the adventures that you want to take on.

Make Sure You’re in Good Shape

Before you head out to do something like skiing, make sure that you are in good enough shape to do that for a few days straight. Exercise regularly if you want to get more involved in recreational activities like skiing, and make sure that you are eating all of the right foods and things like that. Then, if you find a place to ski that is close enough to you, you can do it as often as you want.

Think About Everything That You Could Do

There are so many activities that you could do while on vacation, and you can think about learning to surf, hiking, and doing all of the things that you have always wanted to do. You can visit the mountains and ski during one vacation and go to the ocean to snorkel the next time you have the chance to get away from home. You can hike in the hills or take a swim in the lake, and you will have fun no matter what you choose to do.

Get Away as Often as You Can 

Life is all about the fun moments and taking risks, and you need to get out of your normal routine and try to bring some fun and joy into your life as often as possible. Take off work and go on a vacation whenever you can afford to do that. Visit all new places or go back to the same ski resort again and again because it is where you have the most fun. Take your friends with you on your adventures or go alone. Do whatever you can to experience life and have as much fun as possible so that every day will feel great. Be adventurous and try new activities that will help you stretch your body and mind.…

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This guide for the newbie Airplane Passengers

Now, traveling by plane is no longer an impossible thing. With the presence of many online travel agencies that offer cheap air tickets, now anyone can get on a plane. If this will be your first experience on a plane, it will certainly find many new things that are quite confusing. Starting from how to check-in, where to wait for the plane, what to do on the plane until arriving at the destination airport. But do not worry, here is a complete guide for you who first took the plane.

Before Departure

  • Buy tickets, then you will get an e-ticket is required to check in at the airport later
  • Packing bags and suitcases that will be carried with weight do not exceed the free baggage provided by the airline and do not carry prohibited items in flight,. ach airline has its own policy regarding free baggage limits. This is important you know to keep you from paying extra due to excess baggage.
  • You must know where the departure terminal of the airline you are using

Day of Departure

  • Arrive early to the airport, at least 2 hours before departure time
  • Prepare e-ticket and also ID card for check-in
  • Check-in and register the baggage (if any)
  • After check-in and boarding pass, go to the gate on your boarding pass to wait for the flight
  • Immediately board the plane when it is call for boarding. Make sure you do not go wrong plane.
  • Register your luggage at check-in at the airport so as not to trouble your movement. Do not take all your stuff into the cabin. Remember, you have a share of luggage according to the airline policy you use. You simply bring one bag into two cabins that contain valuables, such as smartphones, jewelry, wallets, and so on. What if your baggage weight exceeds the allowable limit? You can purchase additional baggage at the rate specified by each airline.

How to see the flight number listed on the boarding pass

  • When entering the plane, pay attention to the seat number indicated on the boarding pass, place the luggage on top of the available compartment, sit down and attach the seat belt
  • While on board, you must adhere to the cabin crew’s instructions to support the comfort and safety of the flight, such as switching off the phone, not smoking in the toilet, watching the cabin crew performing flight instructions such as how to wear and remove seatbelts, Buoys and so on

At Destination Airport

  • Do not stand before the plane actually stops and the seat belt plug is turned off
  • Take the luggage you place in the cab compartment
  • Walk quietly and regularly to the airport building
  • If you have luggage, go to the baggage claim immediately. Pay attention to airline information and flight numbers on the screen to make sure you do not get the wrong luggage waiting
  • After picking up luggage, you can go straight to the airport exit


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Smoking Before Going to Gym

Most of my athletic friends were quite surprised when they found out that I smoke before working out. I find that the high I get from smoking marijuana helps me concentrate on my workout, so I am more focused when I am committing to my time in the gym. I feel more in touch with what my body is doing when I work out with marijuana in my system. I have heard a few other athletes talking about taking supplements to help with their workouts, but they are always talking about protein powders. I don’t like taking protein powder before or after a workout, so I have been smoking instead.

I found that taking protein powder wasn’t doing anything for my workout. The powder was supposed to increase my muscle mass as I worked out, but I found that I was more dehydrated than usual when I would take the supplement. My workouts usually consist of forty-five minutes on the treadmill, and I tend to lift weights for another forty-five minutes. I like to do that routine three to four times per week. On the days that I’m not in the gym, I like to spend time stretching my muscles on a yoga mat at home.

I have tried taking a few yoga classes around my city, but I haven’t found a class that I enjoyed enough to return to the same class. I know enough about how to stretch on my own, so I spend time in between workout days on a yoga mat. I go at my own pace, which is something I find beneficial. When you are in a class, there is a desire within you to keep up with the other people and the teacher. If the class keeps moving while you want to stay on a particular stretch, it might create an uneasy feeling within the student. I like to incorporate smoking into my stretching routine as well because I feel like marijuana helps me get deeper into my stretches.

Doing yoga and lifting weights is great for your body, but you also need to do some exercises that are good for you mind. I feel like I’m at my best when I have time to keep consistent on my workout while maintaining a meditation schedule. My meditation is important to keeping my mind clear of all the disruptive information that comes through my ears every day. I find that visiting any  recreational cannabis dispensaries before I meditate is a good way to get started in my trance. I like to unwind after smoking marijuana with a meditation session.

All these types of activities support the body and mind, but it’s important not to forget how emotions can get pushed to the side. I try to find a group activity that helps me connect with my family on the weekends. We will often incorporate smoking marijuana into that activity as well. Most of my friends and family enjoy smoking, so it’s usually easy to find company.…