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Check among the boutique hotels carefully selected by Charminly

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Programming a vacation does not simply mean choosing the next destination but organizing in detail a real moment to enjoy with the people you love the most. Given the importance of a moment like this, it is not only the destination but also the accommodation that matters.

In recent years, so-called boutique hotels have gained a growing success thanks to some peculiar aspects that make unique the structures of this type. From the well-designed, often futuristic design, with sophisticated and classy furnishings, boutique hotels strike attention from the first glance. An experienced and always helpful staff will be at your disposal to welcome you for a stay to remember.

In Italy boutique hotels are many and spread all over the country. For those who love places immersed in nature and peace, Umbria is definitely one of the most popular Italian regions. Here, not far from Perugia, Spoleto, Orvieto and other major cities in the region, stands La Palazzetta del Vescovo, a historic residence built in 1763, becoming the summer residence of bishop Ludovico Gualtiero. The abandoned property began to live with a new use in 2000 when current owners decided to turn it into a romantic boutique hotel ideal for discovering the culture and traditions of such a rich and interesting region.

Fully built in stone with a sloping roof and covered outdoor area to admire the panorama of the surrounding hills, taste a good wine as an aperitif in the evening or to have breakfast lulled by the sweet sound of the countryside. The Bishop’s Palace is among the boutique hotels that Charminly  recommend if you are looking for a small corner of paradise in which to recover the energies.

The rooms, available as superior, junior suites and romantic, are really very spacious and feature antique and modern furnishings expertly mixed with each other for a very glamorous final effect. The prevailing colors, from white to yellow, make the environment brighter and more serene.

For those who want to visit the most southern part of Italy and admire the beauty of an island like Sicily, among the boutique hotels carefully selected by Charminly, our advice is to stay at San Carlo Suites, an extremely refined in the heart of Noto, in the province of Syracuse. Here, immersed in the historic center of the town, the sea can be reached with a few minutes’ walk.

Noto is a small Sicilian village with a series of baroque architectural works that are even part of UNESCO. By staying at San Carlo Suites, simply overlooking the balcony, you will be able to admire eighteenth-century works of incredible beauty, including the Basilica of San Nicolò and the church of Montevergine.

San Carlo Suites has 5 very large rooms and some of them, large as almost an apartment, can accommodate up to 4 people. A really chic detail is the presence in the 19th century original hand-painted majolica baths. The décor, cared in detail, prefers the warm and enveloping colors accentuated by the beauty of antique furniture made by local artisans. All this to make your stay interesting but also wonderful.…

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Reasons Why Your Next Job Should Be in Transportation

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If you haven’t decided on a specific career path, it’s about time you look into the transportation industry. This industry includes heavy freight haulers, including boats, trains, trucks, and planes. There are so many interesting jobs in this industry and we’re going to share a few good reasons why you really should be considering looking for your next job in the transportation industry.

The major reason why many people respond that they love their job in transportation is that they feel as if they have a purpose. They’re not in a dead-end job. Rather, they’re the people who bring important products to buyers. This is critical for the economy to function and commerce to continue. When you work in the transportation industry you are a valuable piece of a nationwide supply chain that makes the world go around.

Jobs in the transportation industry are becoming more widely available as a large portion of the baby boomers are retiring from the industry. This means a new opportunity for those who are willing and able to work. Regardless of whether you’re interested in upper management, transport carriers, logistics, or any other area of transportation, it’s very likely you’ll be able to find an open position to fill.

When you enter the transportation sector you become a part of a large community of dedicated individuals. Logistics makes up a large portion of the world’s commerce. From big cities to small towns, there are corporate cultures and local associations connecting shippers and carriers around the globe. Regardless of whether you’re a small-town delivery driver or the captain of a carrier ship, you are part of the large industrial community referred to as the transportation industry.

Unfortunately, with some jobs, every day is a repeat of the same. Within the transportation industry, you can be sure you’ll get variety often. Due to the fact that the transportation industry is so large, there are many details to sort out by those who work in the industry to get products from one location to the next. Throughout your days in the industry, you’ll be learning lots of specifics, such as service parts logistics, grocery and retail logistics, moving freight, industrial manufacturing, online retailing, and so much more. In the transportation industry, you tend to learn a little bit about all other industries out there as you function with them on a daily basis.

The last reason that we encourage you to really think about a job in the transportation industry is that this industry seems to be most resistant to job loss due to automation. Industries, such as the manufacturing sector, have seen a lot of job loss due to automation that is more error-free and cost-effective. Within the transportation industry, automation doesn’t have as much of an effect on job loss. People need products delivered around the globe and it’s difficult to have that process fully automated.

Taking a job in the transportation industry can be extremely exciting for those who like variety and lots of learning in their day. This industry focuses on making you knowledgeable in many different areas as opposed to only one that many other industries focus on. When you’re looking for a new thrilling job, we encourage you to think about taking a job in the transportation industry.

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The Benefits and Advantages of Timeshare Trading

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Everyone needs to take time off now and then. Laying down your laptop, smart phone, and digital notepad, and escaping to a tropical island or a beautiful mountain resort is necessary for the rejuvenation of the mind and the replenishment of the spirit. It is for this reason that timeshares were invented. Timeshares allow ordinary people to keep a private residence at the holiday destination of their choice.

Acquiring a timeshare is a good use of capital. If you know you like a particular place and believe you will visit it often, having a timeshare in or near it will save you hassle and money in the long-term. But it is just as easy to choose the wrong place or incur life circumstances that make it impossible for you to keep the timeshare.

When you purchased the timeshare, you may have thought it perfect for you and your significant other. As time has gone by, you have come to realize your mistake. Perhaps the location of the house is not as ideal as you first thought it was, or you may have gone off the vacation spot altogether. The end of a relationship may also bring the need to get rid of the timeshare much more quickly than you otherwise would have.

All of the above contingencies can be dealt with through timeshare trading. This is one of the best ways to get your current timeshare off your hands and to immediately begin to enjoy the benefits of doing so.

Most people interested in buying and selling timeshares do so online. It is important for you to make your presence known in this medium. You can do so by joining a site that is dedicated to the trading in of timeshares. A number of companies offer this service. Working with one of them will lead to an appraisal of the value of your timeshare and to put it on the market straightaway. Rather than go to the open market the much better option is to promote the property in a community of others who are in a situation similar to your own—that is, advertising directly to people who are trying to sell their timeshares online.

Working in such a close-knit virtual community also gives you the opportunity to swap timeshares. This is an option taken by many people. Your current timeshare may not be right for you, but may be pure heaven to someone else. The same person just may happen to own a timeshare that you find attractive and remarkable in some way. Working through a specialized online timeshare trade in service will allow the two of you to do the deal of swapping homes.

You should surrender your dream of owning a private accommodation in your dream location. Errors and mistakes can be corrected. It is still possible for you to get the timeshare house of your desire. Working through a medium that allows you the flexibility of trading your timeshare in will allow you to secure the perfect house for your getaways.…

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Top 5 Mumbai Bars to Enjoy Drinksunder INR 1000

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There’s a popular saying –‘A lot can happen over coffee’, and the same holds good for alcohol as well. A bit of alcohol once in a while is good for health and it has been scientifically proved by doctors too. Having alcohol at the right place adds an extra zing to your evening. If you are the kind of person who loves to have alcohol but are worried about the budget, here is the list of the best bars in Mumbai where you can spend quality time with a friend over a drink under INR 1000.


Agent Jacks Malad

Agent Jacks is one of the most liked and happening places in Mumbai. The food that they provide along with the alcohol is extremely tasty. They have all the brands of alcohol under one roof. Good food, good alcohol and old Hindi film songs will boost your mood for sure.

Butter popcorn is one of the most popular side dishes at Agent Jacks Malad, which is a complete accompaniment to your drink. Masala Peanuts, Chaat, Masala Fries, Garlic Bread and French Fries are also available on order. The important thing is that the staffs over here are really friendly.

Agent Jacks is one of the perfect places to hang out with friends as it is light on the wallet. Starting from vintage wines to latest alcohol brands, everything will fit in your budget.

Address: Palm Springs, Near Croma, Malad West, Mumbai

Caso Vita Bar & Café

As the name suggests, Caso Vita Bar & Cafe is a bar cum café where people can get all types of alcohol along with Peri Peri Paneer Pizza, Jalapeno Cheese Poppers, Peri Peri Chicken, Veg Sizzler and many more food items. The beer and other beverages are served here are at the correct temperature. The ambience is quite appealing.

Caso Vita Bar & Café is also equipped with outdoor seating, smoking area, rooftop arrangement, valet parking and many more facilities. All these facilities will cost you within INR 1000, making it an apt choice for your budget.

Address: 3rd Floor, Link Corner Building, Above Starbucks, KFC Lane, Off Linking Road, Bandra West, Mumbai

The Liquor Factory

The Liquor Factory is one of the well-known places that offer a modern taste of Indian foods along with world-class alcohols. They are the best in this department and a great place to head out to if you are on a budget. It costs around INR 900 for two. While waiting for the food, you can enjoy the time by just switching on the Wi-Fi and browsing.

Address: New Link Rd, Sahayog Nagar, Bhudargarh Colony, Andheri West, Mumbai

Monica Family Restaurant & Bar

Thisis a place to visit with your family. They mostly serve non-veg delicacies and are the best in preparing seafood delicacies. The chicken available here is made following the old traditional recipe, so something special can be expected here for sure especially in the case of Nawabi and Kashmiri tandoori chicken. People travel from far and wide across the city to taste chicken items. For people who want to enjoy drinks with food but are on budget, this is a reasonably priced bar to visit.

Address: Opp Kailash Tower 90 Feet Road New Pant Nagar Ghatkoper East, Mumbai

Mumbai Vibe

Mumbai Vibe is the lifeline of every person who loves to have a sip of alcohol after having food. They provide the best alcohol at reasonable price along with food items. The hot favourites at this restaurant are Skewer, Malai Tiramisu, Chicken Wings and Butter Chicken.

Address: Ganga Jamuna Block, 14th Road, Linking Road, Bandra West, Mumbai

There’s no dearth of bars in Mumbai if you are on a shoestring budget. Do visit these bars the next time you are on a cash crunch.

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Five Thrilling Water Sports Options Near Mumbai

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Mumbai is synonymous with dynamic activity. Constant chase of dreams and conquering of challenges are the things that drive Mumbai people. It would not be wrong to say that people in Mumbai are daredevils. This is the reason why their vacation trips also begin and end with thrilling adventures.

The locations near Mumbai have given great opportunities for the people to indulge in thrilling adventure sports. And most of them include breath-taking water sports. That is why adventure seekers from all over the country leverage the benefit of airline such as Indigo Airlines to catch a flight to Mumbai, and come here to indulge in these sports. While you do indigo web checkin before boarding, you may browse for a few destinations in and around Mumbai for adventure sports.

To make your adventurous trip thrilling, we have picked the five best water sports near Mumbai.

  1. Kayaking

The Arabian Sea awaits the Kayaking lovers who come from all over the country. The Chowpatty location is where you can indulge in this water sport. The waves present a moderate level of difficulty, which makes this an entertaining task for everyone. Hence, you can even have this experience with your family members and friends who don’t know how to row kayaks.

  1. Rafting

By driving for about 120 km from Mumbai, you can reach the Saje village. The village is located near the Kundalika river. The remote location offers beautiful sights and the waves for Rafting. It is the Bhira and Mulshi Dams that provide thrilling waves.

You are required to reach the location early in the morning and gather your gear. Then, you start rafting in an 11 km stretch.

  1. Scuba diving

Scuba diving is another adventurous water sport that you can easily find near Mumbai. Reaching Malvan from Mumbai, you can find yourself amidst the coastal beauty of the Tsunami island. The island offers multiple activities to indulge in such as boat rides, island tour, and banana ride. But the most amazing water sport here is the scuba diving. The activity allows you to explore the beautiful marine life of the location and see its sparkling colours in the clear water.

  1. Sailing

If you care more about the leisure of life, then Mumbai also has a luxurious water sport for you too. You can book a speedboat and race over the waves of the Arabian Sea. The calm waves of the sea and the sound of the wind allow you to escape all your worries and have a relaxing time with your own soul.

  1. Parasailing

When you are in Malvan near Mumbai, don’t miss the chance to experience the thrill of parasailing. This adventure water sport is one of the most popular ones in the location. Adventure seekers from all over the world come here to fulfil their desire of indulging in Parasailing. The professionals are available to guide you through the whole process. Hence, the sport is highly exciting for every adventure lover.

So, that’s a wrap on this topic. The mentioned five water sports and the locations should help you select your own favourites and plan an adventure trip with your friends. Make sure you understand the timings and schedule, so that you aren’t disappointed when coming from another place like Delhi. Once you have the info, book Delhi Mumbai flights, and plan your stay to make the experience comfortable.


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Where to Vacation on The Oregon Coast

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The Oregon coast is one of the most beautiful and rocky places on the Pacific. You may choose to visit the coast during your next vacation, and there are incredible places to go once you find the creasing waves and morning fog. This article explains why an Oregon coast vacation is your best choice when traveling.

Why Is The Oregon Coast Unique?

The best places to stay on Southern Oregon coast all sit along much rocker beaches that have a high rate of fog cover in the morning. It is a mysterious and beautiful place, and you may choose to stay right on the water where you may hear the waves every morning and evening.

The Oregon coast is lined with beautiful forests, and you may discover that a hike is in your future because the hills and trees are there. You may duck into tiny villages on the coast that are home to kind fishermen, and they have many local shops that you may fall in love with.

The Fishing Culture

The fishing culture on the coast is incredible for you to experience because every diner and restaurant uses locally-caught fish. You may dine on the most incredible food you have tasted because everything is fresh off the boat, and local restaurants have their own crab traps that sit just off the shore.

The fishing culture also allows you to travel to different places on charter boats for fishing or tourism. You may take many lovely pictures of the coast from the coast, and the coast looks far different when you see nothing but a panorama.

The Coast Is Affordable

The Oregon coast is one of the more affordable places to stay on the Pacific coast, and you may choose from a number of locations that are beautiful to behold. They allow you to stay in rustic inns, and they make the experience a bit more familial as they get to know you and your kids.

The coast has many lovely shops that are not designer brands or chains, and you may spend just a few dollars on all your souvenirs. This is the sort of vacation you take when you want to carry just a few dollars in your wallet as opposed to using your credit card to spend hundreds.

Make Memories

The Oregon coast has quite a lot of history, and you may continue to make memories in this place every second that you are there. Take as many pictures as you possibly can, and get to know the people that you meet. You may fall in love with some of the shops, and you may come back to meet people that you liked most.

The Oregon coast is a picturesque place to come when you want to vacation and get away from it all. You may drive or fly to the coast at any time, and the coast welcomes you with beautiful sights and kind locals you must get to know.

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Unique Jamaican Twists on Foods from Around the World

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If you are going to Jamaica, then you will find a wide variety of cuisines. Many people from other countries including Ireland, South Africa, India, Spain and China brought their favorite foods with them when they settled here. Therefore, this island country has a unique blending of foods from around the world that inhabitants have changed to make it their own.


While chicken is the most popular food to be prepared with jerk spices, guests to Jamaica will also find many places serving pork, seafood and other delicacies spiced with jerk seasoning. A blending of spices including habanero peppers and allspice is applied to the meat before it is slow cooked. Relying on local resources, the meat is cooked over pimento wood.

Red Pea Soup

Many restaurants serve red pea soup either by itself or with a sandwich. This soup is made with kidney beans and pigtail that has been soaked or boiled to remove some of the salt. Then, it is usually combined with allspice, habanero peppers, peas, yams, scallions and taro.


There are many ways that seafood is prepared in Jamaica. Many people gather on the beaches to make fish stew cooking it in a big pot over wood. Many upscale restaurants serve fried fish. Still, others love to dine on roasted fish that is prepared wrapped in tin foil. Codfish is often boiled with ackee. This fruit is originally from West Africa can be toxic, however, if not allowed to ripen naturally. Therefore, people staying in villas may want to wait to eat it with local residents who understand this fruit.

Chicken Foot Soup

While many parts of the world throw away the feet of the chicken, they are considered a delicacy in Jamaica. They are prepared as a soup with a variety of vegetables. Others love to substitute cow testicles for the chicken feet while using the same types of vegetables. All soup in Jamaica is prepared with a very watery broth. It is considered impolite to not tip the bowl up and drink the broth. The tail of oxen are often prepared using a very similar technique.


Billy goat meat is prepared in a variety of ways. Curried goat is often served. Unlike in India where the meat is cooked and then spices added, most people in Jamaica add the spices to the meat and then brown the goat meat. Once the meat is almost done, then water is added to the pot where the meat continues cooking. Alternatively, billy goat meat is often prepared in a soup alongside vegetables. The most important ingredient in this soup, however, is young bananas that are left unpeeled. Chefs slice them thin and allow them to cook alongside the vegetables and goat meat.

If you are planning a trip to Jamaica, then make sure to try these foods. While many foods draw on the traditions of people who have moved to Jamaica, people settling here have taken the basic ideas and made these recipes their own. Many Jamaican chefs give these basic recipes their own unique twists.