Cheap Travel Deals – You’re Looking in the Wrong Places

Cheap Travel Deals – You’re Looking in the Wrong Places

How many hours do you think consumers spend online looking for cheap travel deals so they can save a few bucks? Just about everyone I’ve talked to will go to all the major online booking engines and compare prices, going back a forth, trying to find the best possible deal. What their doing is wasting valuable time when there is a much better way.

Many people today are becoming work at home travel agents so they can save money on their next vacation. Now we’re not talking just a few dollars, we are talking thousands. So just how do these work at home travel agents get such cheap travel deals?

Here’s how it works. Those who are in the travel profession are offered ultra discounted trips to just about anywhere you can think of as a way of building a relationship with the agent. These trips, also known as “FAM Trips” are a great way for the travel professional to learn about new destinations and get a fantastic deal at the same time.

The provider of the discounted fair knows that if the agent likes the trip, he or she will recommend it to all of there clients. This process of providing cheap travel deals to those in the travel industry have been around for years, but it is just now that people are finding out how it works.

I have personally gotten free upgrades on flights, hotel rentals at half price and have been on cruises that were only $25 a day because I was in the travel industry. Becoming a work at home travel agent has become extremely easy and offers a great way to find cheap travel deals and make some money in the process.

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