Designing Imprinted Mugs For Promotion

Designing Imprinted Mugs For Promotion

Giving out imprinted mugs is one way to get your brand seen and visible. If you’re looking for an affordable way to get your brand or company seen and visible, creating imprinted mugs is a common way to promote yourself. In general, ceramic coffee mugs are the most common, but other types of mugs or cups that can be imprinted with a logo are available. For example, glass mugs have increased in popularity, either for coffee or for alcohol, and, as a result, glass mugs, too, can be printed or silk screened with a name and logo. Additionally, many commuters cut costs by brewing their own coffee and taking it to work in a travel mug, and, similar to standard mugs, a travel mug can display a company’s name and logo on the surface.

Ceramic coffee mugs are one of the more common imprinted products. If you’re a company looking to get your brand seen, such mugs displaying your logo can be given out to employees or used in the break room. Another option is sending the mugs to customers or clients as courtesy gifts. But no matter how you decide to give out this type of imprinted product, mugs, as well as coffee and tea cups, have a basic format. In general, the mug is solid colored – or two-tone in some cases – and your company’s logo and name are printed on it in a visible place. Aside from ceramic, mugs are made from glass, and a clear glass mug, either for coffee or another beverage, can display your name and logo, as well.

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While both glass and ceramic imprinted mugs work well at desks, in a break room, or at home, what about for traveling? Many take a cup of coffee or tea with them in the morning and, if the travel mug is imprinted, this is one way to get your brand seen. Travel mugs are generally a combination of metal and plastic to insulate and keep the beverage hot. Although taller than a typical coffee mug, a travel mug can be imprinted with a name and logo in a visible place.

No matter how you decide to promote your brand or company, imprinted mugs in various shapes are one option. Choose from several colors for both the mug and your logo, as colors, as well, can stick in a person’s mind and they’ll associate your brand with a particular color scheme.