Experience Africa’s Tribal Culture

Experience Africa’s Tribal Culture

A round the world (RTW) trip offers the chance to observe different ways of life and this is particularly apparent in Africa. By heading here you can take in fantastic tribal culture in what is bound to be an immensely rewarding experience.

Amazing destinations can be found throughout Africa so by incorporating the continent into your round the world travel plans you can get an insight into the lifestyles of tribes that are thousands of years old. This will certainly be the case if you head to South Africa. A range of tribes and ethnic groups live throughout the country; however, by visiting the KwaZulu-Natal province you’ll be able to get an insight into traditional Zulu culture.

Zulus are well-known for wearing animal fur and skins as clothing, so seeing them is sure to prove a feast for the senses, you could even get the chance to take in a traditional warrior dance, that is bound to be a captivating spectacle.

Alternatively, you may want to ensure the RTW tickets you book provide the chance to observe the Maasai tribes of eastern Africa.

While Maasai people can be found in Tanzania, it is perhaps a better idea to head to Kenya to experience their culture as this is where the majority of the semi-nomadic tribe live.

Generally speaking, the Maasai are extremely friendly and will often welcome tourists into their villages to experience their culture and by doing so, you can see their brightly-coloured traditional robes – known as shuka. There may even be the chance to see the famous adumu dance, sometimes referred to as the ‘jumping dance’.

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Visiting the Amboseli National Park could prove a particularly good way to get an insight into Maasai culture. Here you’ll find the Maasai Cultural Heritage Center where you can learn more about the tribe’s history, as well as pick up authentic handmade souvenirs and enjoy traditional African cuisine with the spectacular Mount Kilimanjaro as the backdrop.

Head to Morocco and you’ll be able to observe ancient Berber traditions. The Berber tribe dates back many hundreds of years and while they have been scattered throughout northern Africa, Morocco could be a great place to take in their culture.

By travelling here, you can watch traditional village music being performed – often with drums and flutes – which is typically accompanied with ahouach and ahidus dancing.

You’ll also be able to see both men and women dressed in a djellaba – which is a long, loose, hooded garment – while for special occasions, the former will often wear a fez cap.

With so many fantastic destinations located throughout Africa, you should find that you don’t have to go far in order to witness amazing tribal culture.