Finding Good Medical Care in Naples, Italy

Finding Good Medical Care in Naples, Italy

Naples is located on the west coast of Italy and is a major European city. Naples is Italy’s most densely populated city and its port is one of the most important in the world. The city played a major role in European art and architecture and is also recognized as the home of pizza, mandolin and romantic guitar. Not only that, Naples is filled with plenty of parks, villas, and gardens. All these features makes Naples a very romantic place to visit for couples.

The healthcare system of Naples is well developed with many world-class hospitals. The major hospitals offer the services of English speaking staff and accept international health insurances. This is an overview of some of the leading hospitals in Naples.

The Center Clinic located at Cintia – San Paolo, 80126, Naples is a major private hospital. Some well-known business groups of the region established this modern hospital in 1975. The hospital has an eight storey building, 250 beds and a separate modern outpatient division adjacent to the main building. It has well equipped departments in all fundamental medical specialties and the units of orthopedics, cardiology and neurology are very famous at this hospital. The advanced surgery department has units in all disciplines and offers great service.

The hospital has excellent divisions for physical therapy, speech, massage, electrotherapy and physiokinesitherapy (PKT) services. The laboratories are well equipped with automated equipment and provide service in various areas. These modern facilities help to deliver fast and accurate results. The imaging unit is well equipped to perform various X-rays, computed tomography of ultrasound and color-flow Doppler tests The division with portable equipment conducts tests quickly and delivers reports on the same day. The nuclear medicine division features sections of in vivo medicine (scintigraphy) and in vitro (RIA) medicine. Fine accommodations are available in comfortable rooms equipped with modern amenities. Tel. 081.728.31.44

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Clinica Villa Del Sole situated at Alessandro Manzoni 15, 80123 Naples is a reliable hospital that offers excellent medical service. The center has 65 beds and is placed in a very beautiful and quiet locale. It has three main buildings and some smaller ones with one central sterilization facility.

The private hospital offers good clinical and diagnostic services in all major disciplines. Its surgery department is probably its most famous accomplishment. There are four modern operating theaters and one day surgery theater. The emergency department has modern facilities and offers service of specialized staff. The ICU has 5 beds. Good services from the laboratories and pharmacy are also available.