Futurist Projection

Futurist Projection

Futurist Projection Scenario


“Are you sure you heard all of that, Watson? This is to be said in front of my graduating class and I don’t want a lackluster speech copied to my brains hard-drive.” I pronounced skeptically, a common recurrence since purchasing Watson; the supercomputer.

“Yes Mr.DeRemer, it’s how I was programmed. As usual, I edited the speech to get rid of constant stuttering.” It replied, unknowing of its blunt and offensive comment.

“Alright then Mr. Know-it-all, play it back from the top, and add the stuttering, it makes it more human-esque, less… mechanic.”

“As you wish, sir.”

Classmates, I would like to communicate to you as we did in high school instead of telekinetically. So acquaintances, friends, co-workers, family, and for those who have left, most of us have made it fifty years since hearing the last bell toll. I say most because we all surely mourn the death of the late Lex Dock who was in Taiwan introducing his new energy conserving water purification process when China silently bombed and took over Taiwan through nuclear weaponry. He will surely be missed and his efforts were sorely wasted. Mankato West Scarlets have always made impacts on the earth, but in 2012 we had no choice but to be driven, with doom seemingly looming around every corner. We as Scarlets have not traveled through time, but let time travel through us.

Speaking of time travel, we should all give a hand for Mikeal Buaer, who has made the impossible possible. Mikeal knew this was achievable by simply going greater speeds in his point of reference. Although our government has not yet gave clearance to change past events such as world wars or natural disasters, it has allowed great personal entertainment by allowing us to relive our most pleasurable memories.

Time machines could have be considered life saving devices also, but nowadays it would hardly be necessary since we are killed at 100 and have all the technology to preserve our life until we hit that mark. Speaking of lifesavers, remember all the diseases mankind had to put up with? Take Cancer for example. Lisa Revser was trying to find the cure for tiger malaria in Africa when she discovered that by changing one strand in her vaccine Lisa could create a vaccine for babies, no different than a tetanus shot, that has stopped a killing machine and the number one leader in total deaths. We as American’s have also made an effort as a whole to cut-back on heavy and fatty foods, while also making nutrients in pill form our primary intake method. With that being said, I still love a slice of pepperoni pizza every now and then as a luxury for myself to relive my days as a youth. Ahhh to think back to a time when food wasn’t so scarce… now I pass the agriculture skyscrapers every day on the way to work, they’re ominous really, just sitting alone with seventy stories of crops, though luckily we’ve long since given up on ethanol because the overgrowing of crops it required ruined our soil.

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Ethanol’s failure wasn’t all credited to its poor performance, but also the impeccable timing of other successes around it. Our first major hurdle was the government’s official prohibition of all motor vehicles, proposed by Micheal Rupert of the newly founded ecological party. This became a disaster for obvious reasons because it left the world unable to adapt rapidly to having no transportation and therefore no mode of travel, even to get to work. I feel I can speak for everyone when I say that I didn’t think America would make it. Luckily the U.N. stepped in and forced a repeal on this act, while inadvertently putting an end to all independent governments. Cars in the Americas then became much like time-shares, they were readily available when they were needed but they also kept access numbers of cars off the road, which clearly made us less aggravated on the road. The rent-a-car banks effectiveness was increased ten-fold when we turned to solar powered, despite we all made fun of their looks in the first generation. Ill be the first to say I rejoiced when Cadillac introduced their deville solar model, giving class, luxury, and efficiency all in one neat package. I see that all of you have also taken advantage of the stylized solar cars as well, even if we have no choice in color.

When we really think about our cars foundation, it really symbolizes the unity of governments when you look at the actions that were in affect. After China’s takeover of Taiwan I was honestly worried that a world conquest would ensue. It’s awfully sad how our government attempted to hide the real events that happened that day when we bombed Taiwan in attempt to stop the forming of all countries. They tried to keep it hidden by getting rid of travel which kept us all rather immobile and unable to learn of events in many areas. I’m grateful senator Stonewell was able to invent pills that, when ingested, taught telepathy, to convey what was really going on in the rest of the world. As we became informed I recall seeing many of you attend the political revolts and, although we had eventually rid ourselves of a national government, I believe we had become closer than ever as an unit. I know that senator and now world controller John Stonewell, although having mixed reviews, has quickly improved both our foreign and domestic policies.

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And as we thank Stonewell, we also must chastise Mr. Washington, our leader during the last four years of our countries existence. While his artificial wombs that grew combatant soldiers and his cryogenics of recently deceased war criminals were eye- opening, I think it quickly became clear Washington was war hungry and had taken our country hostage to make our people’s nation his vessel to regain the US power ranking through conquest. I, as a historian, consider there no darker days then Washington’s service term. I remember my visit to Europe and having to quickly flee to China when Washington deployed his satellite that dropped an atomic bomb on the Aral sea, effectively ruined many European economies and also killed millions from the tsunamis that ensued. Also, I don’t know if anyone could have predicted the one hundred and fifty miles of radiation or all the dead spots created in the ocean. The rest of the globe knew it was now time to overthrow Washington, although we all knew it would require a large force of men. The new formed Pangea; the global government, set out with 15 million men, just enough to stop the 1 million rebels, capable of regenerating limbs and vital organs. Our victory was do in large part to Stonewell’s new intelligence pill, specifically targeting military strategics.

Our new horizon had quickly began, and pun is intended on this statement as our first major ventures were space endeavors. I remember my toaster and microwave talking; as all electronics now do, about how nervous they were about no longer being able to receive energy because of how low our oil reserves had become. Unfortunately, my appliances weren’t the only nervous ones. So, with that, it was discovered that we could harvest more solar power on the moon in one day then we have pumped from oil since the creation of earth. This task, although daunting, went even smoother then expected. Within two months of creation, project sun moon was fully functional. While this project made us very independent, it unfortunately required constant maintenance which meant a repair crew had to be stationed on the moon.

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What we never saw coming was segway of a hunt for energy to a overgrowth problem solver. What began as a small, maintenance shack for the workers crew seemed to grow exponentially, the workers requested their families live with them and their family requested more friends, leaving this “shack” to quickly evolve into a community. This community became a social hot topic, leading many requests from engineers to also live on the moon and beyond. This was a win-win for all involved, helping establish a long-term energy source while also lowering an overcrowded earth population.

Colonies on the moon also held a secret inhibition, that their technology could also withstand underwater. Due to many protester of all national governments colliding, the world prison was overflowing with lack of proper space. This, along with the technology of an air-tight dome, gave way to construction of the national underwater prison system. I don’t know if any of you have visited but it’s truly spectacular in size and design, housing up to 100 million prisoners. When I look back at all the advancements made and the wars fought, this reminds me more of a holographic picture reel then the events that have surrounded my life. I applaud my fellow earthlings and urge all scarlets to join in with my applause. We may be over with more then half of our life, but Scarlets, never settle. Never be OK with OK and most importantly understand your impact on the future, because it’s where we will spend the rest of our lives. 6 / 6

Alex DeRemer