Growth of Tourism in India and Future of India Tourism Industry

Growth of Tourism in India and Future of India Tourism Industry

Tourism in India is expanding every year. According to the estimates of Ministry of Tourism, Government of India, the projected figures for the foreign tourist visiting India during the year 2010 will increase to 10 millions. India is one of the most prospective markets for tourism in the world. There are so many India travel packages offered by India Tourism for foreigners all over addition many private operators also offer many package deals. Tourists can travel to the places of historical and religious importance, explore cultural heritage, natural beauty and enjoy many outdoor sports activities like skiing in snow or mountaineering etc., in natural settings. The local state departments of tourism in India and many private organizations also offer several India travel packages package to places worth visiting.

India is a charming place for its various destinations with numerous captivating natural scenes and culture. Latest trends of tourism in India show India as fast emerging and highly ranked tourist place of South East Asia.

There has been a tremendous growth in tourism in India because of the policies of the government and support from all levels. There are recently many events that have taken place or coming up in the futures, which are a big catalyst for prompting tourism in India. The international sports events like 20/20 IPL Cricket matches, upcoming Commonwealth Games are also helping the tourism industry in India and it will prosper to great heights and standards in the near future.

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The remarkable growth in Indian Tourism market, which has identically benefited many support industries like aviation, transport, medical tourism, hotel and sports. The year 2008 had witnessed an enormous increase in the eco tourism in India In addition the government has come up with a new idea of India tourism named as “Rural Tourism”, which is very successful in promoting tourism by offering exclusive India travel packages for rural tourism.

India had hosted Asian Games long back that had brought many developments in India and, upgraded the quality of tourism in India and attracted many tourists to India from all over the world. Common Wealth Games 2010, being organized in Delhi, capital of India, will give a pioneer opportunity to tourism in India. The industry can gain a lot of business by coming up with various travel packages for attraction and benefit of tourists. In 2010, it a estimated that over 3.5 million tourist will be visiting India to witness the Common wealth Games scheduled in Oct 2010 at Delhi. It is the very important event and Indian tourism industry has to plan, organize and cater to the needs of such a big rush of foreign tourists that will depend on the fights, transport, hotel bookings and for their travel itineraries, visas and other facilities. Many agencies are preparing to handle this tourist rush so that visitors and players feel it homely, comfortably and safe.

There are indications that the growth of tourism in India will be very steep in the next couple of years. The Indian share of tourist will augment about 1.5 % in 2010. India tourism industry is going to earn maximum business from tourist visiting Agra, Andhra Pradesh, Kerela, Tamil Nadu and Rajasthan where maximum numbers of tourists are expected.

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