Horseback Riding Adventures in Brazil’s Alluring Rio Grande Do Sul

Horseback Riding Adventures in Brazil’s Alluring Rio Grande Do Sul

Riding with a sturdy horse beneath you across a rugged landscape replete with canyons and waterfalls, you’re bound to feel there is no better way to explore the Brazilian state of Rio Grande do Sul. And with horseback riding adventures which include visits to National Parks and cattle ranches alike, there probably isn’t!

Bordering Uruguay and Argentina, Rio Grande do Sul is Brazil’s southernmost state. Much like Uruguay and northern Argentina, the state is inhabited by gauchos – cowboys known for their love of horses, bombachas (somewhat baggy pants), and gourd cups filled with chimarr?�o (Brazillian mate). The state’s cowboy heritage, coupled with the unique landscape of grassy plateaus and forest-covered mountain ranges, make for a unique and breathtaking riding holiday experience.

Led by English-speaking guides, horseback excursions through Rio Grande do Sul usually last seven days. The length of the trip and the tricky terrain make this a journey for the experienced rider who has least an intermediate level of riding experience. The horse most commonly used for these treks is the Criollo, a breed of horse descended from those the conquistadors introduced in the 1500s and perfectly adapted to the regional surroundings. After long days riding through rough terrain, you’ll spend the nights in comfortable fazendas (ranches), and where fazendas are not available, local accommodations ensure that riders get the rest they need. In the evenings, a treat awaits you in the local cuisine you’ll enjoy, including churrasco, a type of barbecue typical to Rio Grande do Sul. With these short ranch stays, you’ll get a taste of the typical regional ga??cho lifestyle

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Once on horseback, start your journey over the surrounding plateaus and through the Serra Geral Mountains. Pass through gorges where you’ll come across breathtaking waterfalls, and enjoy South Brazil’s own unique flora and fauna, including blue crows, purple-chested parrots, bromeliads, and giant ferns. Riding, you’ll reach the Parque Nacional de Aparados da Serra covered in coastal forests, grasslands, and moist Araucaria forests. Though this park is relatively small, it protects one of the most awe-inspiring canyons in the world: Itaimbezinho Canyon, covered with lush green forests, making it truly a sight to behold. The canyon and its surrounding area is rife with wildlife and is home to ocelots, brown howling monkeys, neotropical otters, maned wolves, and red-spectacled Amazon parrots.

On your journey, you’ll pass through Pico do Monte Negro and its surrounding canyon. The highest point in Rio Grande do Sul, here you can admire the unforgettable Araucaria-covered landscape for miles around. Towards the end of this riding adventure, you’ll reach the Cachoeir?�o waterfall, the largest waterfall in the area. Here, by the beautiful white falls of the Cachoeir?�o you’ll part with your horse, and after a night at a neighboring Fazenda and a morning of fishing, you’ll leave the Rio Grande do Sul for the many other awesome destinations that this state has on offer. Combining the adventure of horseback riding, the local ga??cho culture, and the truly amazing landscape of the Aparados da Serra and its surrounding areas, this amazing riding expedition through Rio Grande do Sul is a not-to-be-missed memorable adventure.