How to Become a Travel Agent – Start Your Online Business Today

How to Become a Travel Agent – Start Your Online Business Today

Deciding to start your own agency is a lot better; you will get paid commission on selling travel, helping individuals in booking travel in your travel portal. There are a lot of companies that give you as a travel expert a lot of help and understanding to run your travel agency with a small fee. The easiest way of starting your travel agency is to have an internet site branded with your own personal agency name. A booking engine will allow you to book travel and keep up with every traveling company in the world. You will be able to give your customers access to cruises, hotels, all inclusive resorts and so on.

I highly recommend this route because of all the training they give you and the support you will get when growing you business. A lot of travel agents start by turning an extra bedroom into an office and legitimately utilizing home business tax deductions. Your home base business travel agency is the last great tax shelter for the average person or family.

Once you decided to make a career out of travel, begin by introducing your services to friends, family and co-workers. Build a list of people that you will introduce your service to, start by asking your self “If I was stranded in the highway at ten o’clock who would I call”? Write their names down and call them, tell them what you are doing and ask them to visit your site.

The proper way of introducing your prospect is the following “Daniel (prospect), could I ask you a question?” wait for the answer. “Do you like vacations?” wait for the answer. Then invite them to the site. Following the next days schedule a follow up to see what they thought of your services. This is the most important step in the process. Finish up with, “I will follow up with you tomorrow evening, could I get your e-mail address and the best phone number to reach you?” You just accomplish a sale in the near future. I will explain, by having their email and phone number you are given the right to send them an auto email suggesting vacation destinations.

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This will guarantee your success as a new travel agent. Making your business grow bigger than ever, I’ve seen a lot of people start their travel agencies like retirees, stay home moms and college students. It’s a good way to make a lot of extra cash without working a 9 to 5 job.