How to Stay Healthy on Your Seniors Vacation

How to Stay Healthy on Your Seniors Vacation

It is personally heartbreaking, to get sick on your long anticipated holiday – no matter what your age is. As healthy and strong as you might feel as a senior citizen, you can’t be too careful when you’re planning your next holiday! The reality is, unexpected illnesses and accidents can occur. Here are some helpful health tips to make sure your elderly holidays are as enjoyable as they can be. After all, you really don’t want to spend your days in Florence recovering from a flu virus.

Have A First-Aid Kit Ready

No, I’m not talking about the usual plasters and antiseptic sprays. You’ll need a small first-aid kit that’s filled with the stuff you find in your home medicine cabinet. I’m talking about medicines for headaches, dizziness, digestive problems, fever, and other common ailments that may pop up!

Also, are you going to a tropical destination? If you are, then you’ll have to be prepared for mosquitoes and other disease-bearing insects. Include a bottle of Rid or any other insect repellant in your first-aid kit, and get vaccinations for any diseases common at your destination.

Take note, though, that some medications may be illegal in your country of destination. To make sure you don’t get detained unexpectedly, check with the embassy of your destination country, and always bring the proper documentation for any prescription medication you may be taking.

Careful With The Water

Most places in the western world have safe drinking water. But there are many places, particularly developing countries that do not have safe drinking water. Do your research before you leave home and check the situation at your destination. If you’re not sure about the quality of the drinking water in your destination, make it a point to drink bottled water only. Avoid ice and tap water if you are unsure.

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Also, before ordering salads at your destination, ask if the vegetables are washed in tap water. And, despite the temptation to try exotic foods, don’t eat anything raw. All your meals should be well-cooked, and this is probably the only time when drinking soda is healthier than risky tap water!

Lastly, think twice about swimming. Many bodies of water have parasites that simply infect you by going through your skin. Here’s a tip — great rivers like the Nile may not be so great after all, especially when certain parasites can ruin your digestive system for the rest of your life!

Prepare Before You Leave

Study your destinations for any common infectious diseases, and get yourself vaccinated as required or recommended. Make it a priority to avoid any and all illnesses before, during, and after your holiday! So make sure you make an appointment with your local doctor or travel medical specialist to discuss well in advance before you leave. Some vaccinations and medications need to start courses months ahead of time to be fully effective.

It also helps to know in advance what the emergency numbers are at your destination. Make sure to keep you travel insurance papers with you wherever you go, as well as any medical documents that you want medical personnel at your destination to see in case of emergencies.

And finally, don’t travel if you’re feeling unwell! It’s no fun getting sick when you’re miles away from home. If you took out enough travel insurance, the insurance providers will cover any costs of canceling or postponing your holiday.

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So keep these tips in mind when you’re preparing for that travel holiday you’ve been waiting years to have. With enough preparation (and enough insurance), you’ll be on your way to the vacation of a lifetime — and the more well-traveled you get, the more holidays you can look forward to!