India’s Technological Role in the World Market

India’s Technological Role in the World Market

India has been a world leader in production of technological force. There are numerous countries across the world that has absorbed many Indian workers, especially engineers. And now that India has lost many of its skilled labor to the West, it is struggling to fill the posts of its own burgeoning information technology market. So for all those highly skilled labor that is sitting idle in their countries, get an India business visa and head to India.

India’s stand is unique amongst all the developing countries. This is because the country’s educational institutions have capacity to produce a labor pool of highly skills. This is mostly because of the Indian Institute of technology or IITs that were founded in the 1950s. These institutes were modeled on the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in USA. However, it was not known that after taking education from premier institutes like IITs, there would be mass exodus of India’s best brains. Foreign companies saw took the opportunity of recruiting employees from these premier institutions by offering them high salaries and free sponsorship on India business visa. This kind of created a trend amongst most of the labor here and almost 90% set their targets to get an India visa and go overseas.

Overseas these people have done extremely well. They have created their own niche in the market. It is said that west gave these people more opportunities then what their country could give. Most of this can be blamed to the red tape, which is so polluting the Indian scenario. Indians on India business visa abroad have invented, discovered and reached highest posts. A stark example is invention of Bose Speakers by Amar Bose who was an IITian. He invented these in 1968, but at that time there was no breeding ground for entrepreneurs like him. So he migrated to USA to open his own company ‘Bose Speakers’. The company went on to become a world leader in the industry.

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Another example is Dean of the Harvard Business School, Nitin Noharia. He is from IIT Bombay. He migrated to USA after graduating from IIT Bombay and went on to promote business ethics for over two decades and now he has been named as the dean of Harvard Business School.

If India wants to retain its labor force to supply to its IT industry, then its needs to bolster its technical-education sector. There are numerous colleges mushrooming across India. They offer professional courses to students. With advent of such technology courses, these courses are now filling void that was created a few years back.

However, with an increasing demand in IT sector, India always needs more labor. If you are a skilled person and in need of great IT job, then grab your India visa and join the burgeoning IT market. In case you just want to be a part of this scenario while staying in your country, you can look for partners in this growing sector here. It holds key to the success of India business visa holder.