Is It Still Beneficial To Use A Travel Agent?

Is It Still Beneficial To Use A Travel Agent?

There are many reasons to use a travel agent especially if you are looking for assistance in the research and planning aspects of your trip. Although many of us today are very internet savvy there is still a lot of work involved in organising a vacation, honeymoon, or even an emergency trip to attend to family or friends. You may be required to call many individual companies, like car rental businesses, airlines, and hotels. By using a travel agent you can literally make one call and cover all of your bases. Agents have all the relevant information stored and available at their fingertips in order to assist you in organising your trip. Leaving the research and planning to a travel agent will allow you to focus your attention on other important matters.

Many people today hold the common misconception that agents charge clients for their services. In most cases this is not true. Of course the travel agent is paid for his services, but not by you the client. The travel companies are the ones who pay for their services and only rarely will their ever be additional charges added to the ticket or package deal. So you will not pay extra for a vacation package by using an agent. Since there is no commission for you to pay, there is no need to set up the booking yourself, as you would not be getting a cheaper price.

Let’s look a little deeper at some of the benefits of using a professional travel expert. You will be receiving expert advice. An expert will have traveled to your destination or at least assisted the booking for many clients, therefore having plenty of first hand knowledge, advice, and tips. Travel agents will be able to offer multiple options to a traveler based on pricing, availability, and personal preferences. They usually will have much more information available to make your travel, and stay more convenient and comfortable. You will also have customer service available not only while in the planning stages of your trip but while you are actually traveling. Do not discount the importance of having a contact available to assist you if and when things go temporarily not according to plans.

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Lastly you will receive personalised service and a customized trip based on your specific preferences, budget, dates available to travel, and special attractions you may wish to see or visit. Remember, travel agents are working for you. They want your repeat business for years to come and will do everything necessary to ensure your satisfaction. Even in today’s world where we have access to many services at the touch of a mouse or keyboard, it is still beneficial to use a professional travel agent to book your trip.