Learn How to Give Him Space Without a Break Up

If it seems as if your relationship is not going as well as it was a few months ago, it may be time to give him some space. Of course, you don’t want to give too much space. Otherwise, he may end up moving on and finding someone else. It is possible to learn how to give him space without a break up. Keep in mind, just because he is asking for a little bit of space, it doesn’t mean he is interested in splitting up. Perhaps he has a lot going on with work and family. If this is the case, he probably doesn’t want someone around all day every day.

Don’t hesitate to have a heart to heart talk with him. Find out why he is interested in having space. Let him know there are some concerns regarding breaking up. Hopefully, he will assure you that splitting up is not going to happen. Sometimes, he may just need some extra space so that he can relax and catch up on some sleep. This works out well for you also because this will provide the opportunity to spend time with friends, maybe have lunch with a close family member. Go get a pedicure and enjoy some time alone. If the two of you are apart from one another, the relationship will be stronger after reuniting.

It is nearly impossible for him to miss someone who is always there. Give the relationship a break and rest assured, just because he is not around, it doesn’t mean things are on the rocks. Instead, it just means that the two of you have a busy life. Of course, it is important to send him a text and let him know he is loved. Don’t expect him to be in constant contact. He will appreciate being left alone for a bit. Hopefully, the break won’t last too long. It is not likely that he has lost interest in the relationship. Continue to be adorable and he will likely start missing his lady before too much longer. Just remember, he has other things to deal with besides this relationship. Give him some space and he will appreciate it.

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