Lightweight Luggage – A Buyers Guide

Lightweight Luggage – A Buyers Guide

What is lightweight luggage?

If you’ve been searching for lightweight luggage then you’ll no doubt have found a baffling array of terms to describe just how light these cases are, marketers will use a variety of different titles to attract your attention. These range from superlight, hyper-light, feather-light, tech-light, mega-light and the list goes on. But what do they mean? And how do you know which is best? In short, nothing and you don’t.

You see, marketers make up these to sell these products as being increasingly lightweight luggage items, but in reality the names have little relation to their actual weight.

As a rough guide, a truly lightweight case soft case should be below 3.5 kg (large case) to be deemed lightweight and under 4kg for a hard case.

Why pick lightweight?

In times of ever increasing charges and decreasing weight limits, lightweight luggage reigns supreme. Not only will you save money, you’ll have case that’s much more portable and with modern cases, you won’t really have to sacrifice durability either.

Materials – what to look for

Advances in technology mean that cases are constantly getting lighter, stronger and better looking! A wide variety of materials are used from polycarbonate to exotic patent materials no one’s ever heard of. So look out for polycarbonate, hybrid ABS and patented technology.

Beware of extremely lightweight no brand cases, these may look good, but they’ll be made of the something equivalent in strength to paper and will probably only have a wafer thin frame holding it together – think of it as a kite with wheels.

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