Making Use of Regional Airports

Making Use of Regional Airports

A lot of people know that I have a close relationship with the travel industry and I’m frequently asked for advice. I try to give the best possible advice that I can. One of the most frequent questions that people want to know the answer to is how they can travel for less.

It’s a good question and an understandable one. When it comes to saving money on travel, most of us have a decision to make about whether we really are looking for the cheapest possible deal, or whether we’re looking for value for money.

I generally suggest that it’s value for money that we should be looking for, particularly when it comes to accommodation prices. But what about in the case of flights?

In general terms, most flights follow the same format. There may be slight differences, but you really need to think about how important those extra touches are, especially if you’ll only be flying a relatively short distance. This is certainly an area where it is possible to save money easily.

It’s absolutely vital that you aim to be as flexible as possible. This includes showing flexibility in terms of the operator that you choose to fly with. Here in the UK, for example, we’ve seen the rise of the budget airlines.

Budget airlines do offer some extremely cheap flights but don’t necessarily have the same service levels as you’d expect to find on more expensive alternatives. This may mean, for instance, that you won’t get a meal served on your flight.

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You can, however, make some really big savings. This is certainly possible if you’re prepared to use regional airports, which tend to act as hubs for many of the budget airlines.

Regional airports will often be more convenient and many people prefer to use them anyway. It’s certainly something that I would advise that you consider if you’re looking to save money the next that you plan on traveling.