Munnar: An Escape Into Nature

Munnar: An Escape Into Nature

Munnar is a beautiful city located in the state of Kerala in India and is often visited by tourists that are looking for a wonderful vacation where they can spend some time with nature and enjoy the beautiful scenery and wildlife that make this one of the most picturesque spots in the country. There are a number of great places in the city where tourists can try some of the local cuisine and a number of great hotels at Munnar offer some wonderful accommodation at various rates.

Munnar is well connected to most places in the state and many places in other states of the country. The most popular way of getting to Munnar is by private vehicles which allows tourists to visit most important places in town at their own convenience. The tourist industry at Munnar is big and a large number of residents are involved in the industry. The beautiful scenery and the wide variety of wildlife found here makes it one of the most popular destinations among nature lovers. There are some wonderful wildlife sanctuaries found here, where tourists can see a wide variety of wildlife, including the Nilgiri Thar, which is an endangered species of mountain goat and the Atlas Moth, which is the largest in the world. The hills of the national parks turn blue once every twelve years, when the Neelakurunji flowers blossom and cover the hills, lending them their blue colour.

A Trip to Munnar is not complete without visiting some of the wonderful tourist attractions that are located here, like the Matupetty Dam, which is a famous tourist spot and visited by a large number of people throughout the year. It offers tourists some wonderful views of the hills and plantations that surround it. The Anaimudi Peak is another important tourist spot in the city, which is famous as the highest peak in South India, and there are a number of great treks around the Kuthumkal Waterfall which takes you through some of the most beautiful places in the region and lets you see some great wildlife. There are a number of great restaurants in town where people can try some wonderful food and there are a number of great products found at Munnar, including the fresh tea, coffee and spices.

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Tourists from all over the country visit Munnar because of the wonderful scenery and the wildlife that one can find here. It is the perfect place for anyone that wants to forget about the hustle and bustle of the big cities and spend some time with some of the most spectacular sights and sounds that nature has to offer.