Prague is Full of Amazing Museums!

Simply put, Pragues museums are amazing! The city of Prague hosts more than twenty unique museums, spanning a wide variety of subjects from art to history, ensuring that even the most hard to please tourist will leave satisfied. However, out of all the museums in the city, my favorites are the Muzeum Komunismu (Museum of Communism) and the Karel Zeman Museum of Cinematography.

The Muzeum Komunismu proved very interesting as it covered the extensive communist history of former Czechoslovakia. The museum did an amazing job of illustrating the changes that occured in the naiton following World War 2, and for only 290 CZK, I had an amazing time. The guide was very knowledgable, and was even able to provide a short tour of the city! Overall, this was a great experience and I would highly reccomend it to fellow travelers.

The Karel Zeman Museum of Cinematography was also an amazing experience, especially considering the Czech Republic is not often thought of as a leading nation in the film industry. This museum was amazing because it showed first hand how movies and special effects are created behind the scenes. The museum is fully interactive, and it even has a working green screen! I enjoyed how photographt was not banned, rather it was encouraged, so now I have great photos of the experience. I learned so much about special effects and movie making that I had never before even considered. The museum cost only 250 CZK, which was well worth it for the two hours I was in the museum.

Prague is a city rich with history, art, and technologic advancements, and overall Pragues museums are amazing! I would highly reccomend touring the musuems throughout the city, as the amount of information is enough to captivate a tourists mind for weeks on end. I hope other travelers enjoy the city as much as I did!

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