Samoa – An Ideal Paradise For Beach Lovers

Samoa – An Ideal Paradise For Beach Lovers

Samoa is an island in the Pacific Ocean. Initially it was the part of New Zealand but was further separated in 1962. It is the biggest island in Polynesia. All the group of islands in Samoa is known as the Navigator Islands. The Samoa life is very exciting and full of thrilling experiences.

Things To Do

If there is any difficulty in choosing the best places to see around here are a few options to choose from.

1. Apia

Apia is a beautiful town of Samoa which is the must visited destination. It is a colorful place with delicious food items to enjoy. After a ten minutes walk you’ll get some of the best clubs where you can enjoy your nightlife. Even the Samoa music is very famous with added folk flavor.

2. Palolo Deep National Marine Reserve

The best thing here is that one can have various activities to enjoy like the diving and swimming. There are large numbers of different species of fishes which are so colorful and charming to see.

3. Robert Louis Stevenson Museum

This museum is dedicated to a famous author Robert where you will get to see the library and some of his works. It has a beautiful garden to walk around and play.

4. Piula Cava Pool

The pool is an excellent place to relax near the cool water and enjoy the ripples and noisy waves. Adjacent to the pool is a small tunnel also.

Best Time To Visit

The ideal time to visit this island is from May to November. Samoa experiences average climate with bright and sunny morning and cool and chilly nights. So it is better to travel during the late summers for a splendid trip.

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Transport In Samoa

Here one will get all modes of transport including the highways, ports, harbors and airways. Faleolo International Airport is the closest airport to reach Samoa.


The accommodation facilities in Samoa are just the finest ones. There are lots of options available for you. Some of them are the Sea Breeze Resort, Litia Sini Beach Resort, Janes Beach Fales. These are some of the best accommodations with low price budgets. They are just perfect for the travelers offering excellent facilities. You can also get Boutique resorts for your comfortable stay.

These resorts provide good facilities with friendly staff and cozy environment. They are just apt for the visitors to enjoy a pleasant stay.

So what are you waiting for visit the biggest island Samoa with beach destinations and thrilling activities for a fun filled trip.