Smart Tips for Cell Phone Care

Smartphones have become essential instruments, lifelines to the world at large. In fact, the World Advertising Research Center projects that over 70% of internet consumers will choose their phones over computers to access the internet by 2025. That is why it is important to care for your device; a broken or malfunctioning phone can leave you stranded in more ways than one. You can easily take measures to protect your phone; here is how.

Buy a Case

A good phone case will protect your investment when you drop it in the same way a helmet guards your head against hard blows. Either a soft case or a hard shell will provide a cushion against broken frames and cracked glass. While you can very effectively fix a phone Odessa TX so it is as good as new, a good case may delay your needing a repair.

Keep the Wet Stuff Away

Some phones make water-resistant claims, but these are not your run-of-the-mill devices. If you drop your phone in the water, it likely will not work as it should after you fish it out. Though you can try the dry-rice-method to get it working again, there is no guarantee your cellphone will fire up again; your best bet is to avoid immersing your phone in water in the first place.

Charge It Thoughtfully

Phone batteries, like other rechargeable packs, will last longer if you do not continually drain them to empty and recharge them to capacity. Ideally, plug your phone in when its display shows 30%, and charge it at 80%. Even better, charge it incrementally on some days.

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Update Your Phone on Schedule

During the first years of a phone’s life, the manufacturer will push out various updates. These include operating system upgrades, functional improvement and security fixes. Since these updates are all are designed to keep your phone operating safely and effectively, you should download them as soon as they become available.

It seems difficult to imagine life before the consumer smartphone became everyone’s main pocket accessory. If you want to stay tethered to your phone for years to come, keep it protected and maintained always, and repair it as necessary.