Smoking Before Going to Gym

Most of my athletic friends were quite surprised when they found out that I smoke before working out. I find that the high I get from smoking marijuana helps me concentrate on my workout, so I am more focused when I am committing to my time in the gym. I feel more in touch with what my body is doing when I work out with marijuana in my system. I have heard a few other athletes talking about taking supplements to help with their workouts, but they are always talking about protein powders. I don’t like taking protein powder before or after a workout, so I have been smoking instead.

I found that taking protein powder wasn’t doing anything for my workout. The powder was supposed to increase my muscle mass as I worked out, but I found that I was more dehydrated than usual when I would take the supplement. My workouts usually consist of forty-five minutes on the treadmill, and I tend to lift weights for another forty-five minutes. I like to do that routine three to four times per week. On the days that I’m not in the gym, I like to spend time stretching my muscles on a yoga mat at home.

I have tried taking a few yoga classes around my city, but I haven’t found a class that I enjoyed enough to return to the same class. I know enough about how to stretch on my own, so I spend time in between workout days on a yoga mat. I go at my own pace, which is something I find beneficial. When you are in a class, there is a desire within you to keep up with the other people and the teacher. If the class keeps moving while you want to stay on a particular stretch, it might create an uneasy feeling within the student. I like to incorporate smoking into my stretching routine as well because I feel like marijuana helps me get deeper into my stretches.

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Doing yoga and lifting weights is great for your body, but you also need to do some exercises that are good for you mind. I feel like I’m at my best when I have time to keep consistent on my workout while maintaining a meditation schedule. My meditation is important to keeping my mind clear of all the disruptive information that comes through my ears every day. I find that visiting any  recreational cannabis dispensaries before I meditate is a good way to get started in my trance. I like to unwind after smoking marijuana with a meditation session.

All these types of activities support the body and mind, but it’s important not to forget how emotions can get pushed to the side. I try to find a group activity that helps me connect with my family on the weekends. We will often incorporate smoking marijuana into that activity as well. Most of my friends and family enjoy smoking, so it’s usually easy to find company.