Thailand Travel – Hotels

Thailand Travel – Hotels

If you are planning to travel to Thailand you have many choices in the way of hotels. Weather you want modern conveniences and state of the art technology, or do you want to stay somewhere with rich historical value, there is a place for you in Thailand.

There are many famous worldwide resorts and hotels in the area, as well as smaller mom and pop places. Each place will give your vacation a special feel. There are places on the beach and places in the forest, no matter what you want your surrounding to be Thailand can make it happen.

Some cities, such as the northern capital Bangkok, are known as party cities while others are more laid back and less crowded. Keep traffic and activities in mind when you book your stay. Some cities offers malls selling jeans while others have road side stands with handmade goods.

December is a hot time for travelers pouring in Thailand. Book your hotel outside of December to save money and miss some of the crowds at tourist attractions. Hotels also offer cheap rates in off seasons.

Many amenities are offered in the larger hotels; internet, on site workout area, and spas. If you stay in a small low cost place in one of the older less populated cities don’t expect all the bells and whistles. Ask your travel agent about hotel amenities when booking to make sure you aren’t in shock when you show up. You can also search for online photos of hotels and read user reviews.

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Consider activities when booking your hotel and lodging. Make sure you are staying in an area that offers activities that interest you. Hike in the forests and view the waterfalls or stay on the beach and snorkel. Many water sports and activities are offered as well as tours. Keep travel times in mind when planning trips. There are also many zoos with exotic animals you can’t see anywhere else.

Thailand is one of the rare places that offers something for everyone and has activities for every budget. Always do research before you book your hotel so that you know where you are staying, what is close by, and what your hotel offers.