The best travel outfits for your next trip

If packing for holidays is always a chore for you, take a moment to consider these useful tips.

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The Where, When and How

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It all depends on where you’re going. North Pole? Better forget the flip-flops. When are you going? Australia in December? Take the swimwear and pack that insect repellent. Finally, how long will you be there? A month in Thailand? Forget the kitchen sink; there’s plenty of cheap street food to tantalise your taste buds.

The Bare Essentials

If you’re always in midi dresses, pack one or wear it for your travels. A pair of pants or jeans is practical, with a blouse or T-shirt for a top. If you pack two of each, there’s always the option to wash one and wear the other depending how long you’re away. Throw a scarf in for a cool look or use as a head cover if the destination is a scorcher. Don’t forget flight socks if you’re heading for a long-haul trip. They’re not sexy, but combined with tweed knickerbockers, a matching waistcoat and a jacket with lots of pockets, you might just be mistaken for a rich country squire who could be selected for a free upgrade to First Class.

Comfort versus Fashion

The most important thing to remember is comfort. If you’re not wearing the right travel outfit or you’ve packed all the wrong clothes, all you’d probably remember would be the misery. Imagine negotiating the slush-covered streets of Reykjavik in your open-toed Jimmy Choos. To get an idea of clothes that would offer comfortable fits such as midi dresses, try searching online fashion houses such as You might get lucky and find something you could almost live in and yet look like a fashion queen. Whatever you decide, avoid sleeveless tops. Sweaty armpits don’t make ideal travel companions unless you have your own aeroplane.

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The final thing to pack and one of the most space-demanding is footwear. Sneakers are generally the most popular, with top designers such as Alexander McQueen and Gucci getting their slice of the pie. However, if you’re planning for lots of romantic nights in posh restaurants, a pair of fancy heels might deserve some space in your luggage.

Once you’ve sorted out all your clothes, don’t forget the other necessities, such as plug adaptors and travel insurance.