Tips for the Traveler – Reducing the Affects of Jet Lag

Tips for the Traveler – Reducing the Affects of Jet Lag

Jet lag is a traveler’s nightmare. While adjusting to new activity-cycles is difficult enough traveling by yourself, traveling across continents with kids can make your ordeal worse than you can imagine. However, there are ways of reducing the effect of jet lag. Believe it or not, medication and arduous exercises are never as effective as natural and simple ways to make yourself feel adjusted to a new time zone. You can schedule your activities freely, whether on a vacation or a business trip, as long as you remember the benefits of a few adjusting tips.

Exposing Yourself to Sunlight

Adjusting your body by artificial means can be dangerous and often useless. However, if you gave your body some sunlight, it automatically starts adjusting to the new cycle of biological activities. Although you may feel too tired to get out in the sun in the first few hours, a hotel balcony or something similar is usually adequate. Exposing yourself to sunlight can be far more useful than forcing yourself to sleep, because solar rays take your exhaustion away almost immediately, and leaves you with a sense of rejuvenation. It also tells your body to wait for bedtime.

Eating Right

Although travelers do not recommend special diets for avoiding jet lag, they do dread eating heavily. A heavy or rich diet while traveling between time zones is not only damaging to your health, but it increases the drowsiness that you associate with jet lag. Until you feel completely free of exhaustion, it is advisable to maintain a modest diet. Eat safe, and do not binge. It is common for air travelers to feel hungry. Eating a lot only makes you lethargic. Eating little at small intervals can be the best way out.

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Sleeping on Flights

Catching the untimely and tempting nap in a new time zone will only make your jet-lag problems worse. Resisting naps at odd hours becomes easy if you use your flight time for short and frequent naps. As it is, long flights are boring. Passing time is never easier than when you can sleep it away. If you have slept enough before landing, fighting the anticipated exhaustion becomes easier. Besides, you will not want to sleep after landing at daytime.

Handling Kids

Kids can hardly anticipate jet-lag problems unlike frequent travelers. That is one reason why they tend to get cranky and tired when you expect them to have fun on a vacation. In order to have your kids sleep at the right time in a new place, you should allow them physical activity towards the night-time hours if necessary, so that they actually feel tired enough to sleep.

Maintaining your health can bring many advantages when trying to avoid jet lags. Dehydration is a primary cause of jet lags. As a result, stay away from alcohol as much as possible, and drink a lot of healthy fluids.