Tips to Selecting Good Hotels

Tips to Selecting Good Hotels

The tourist infrastructure in Wayanad is quite good and there are many hotels, resorts and home stays to choose from. The accommodation in Wayanad is designed for all travellers including the budget traveller. In fact Wayanad boasts of some very good hotels which provide value for money. I have personally tried out a few of the hotels mentioned below, but for the rest I had had to rely on word of mouth accounts and other sources. Irrespective of where you choose to stay during your vacations here there are a few points which are worth noting. So take some time to look into these details.

1. Wayanad is a place which has to be explored by road. So you will probably be having a vehicle, either your own or a hired, so ensure that there is parking space in the Hotel. Most top end and mid end resorts and hotels have ample parking but it might be a problem in some of the budget hotels. So just check this out.

2. It become quite chilly in the nights even in summers, so look for appropriate bedding in the hotel. See if the hotel will provide extra pillows and blankets, especially if you are travelling with children.

3. Most hotels will claim to provide 24 hours running hot water, but this is seldom true. Most hotels provide running hot water for just a few hours in the morning and evening, so it is worth checking out this aspect as well.

4. Wayanad is quite spread out and it offers plenty of activities like trekking, boating, elephant safaris and many more. Therefore if your hotel has a good travel desk which can take of the arrangements for these then you can sit back and relax. So look for a hotel with a good travel desk. Although most hotels offer a travel desk and the staff at most hotels are knowledgeable and helpful, you should not face problems here, but still worth mentioning.

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5. Most hotels here have long menus, but most of the stuff is available erratically. So I think it is best to stick to the local fare. But there are some very good restaurants especially in Kalpeta.

6. And finally the list of hotels mentioned here is not an exhaustive list and there are many more hotels and accommodation in Wayanad. So if you have some time do some research and you might get a good deal on the accommodation.