Travel Agent and Internet Marketing – Impact, Benefits, and Planning

Travel Agent and Internet Marketing – Impact, Benefits, and Planning

The internet is a part of a wide majority of lives today and it is something irrevocable and unstoppable. Even traditional brick and mortar businesses with a physical presence in the city or town have come to realize the value of an online presence and the importance of internet marketing.

Gone are the days when people were relaxed and visited the stores to shop and talk a while. Today it’s all about cramming as much as possible into one day because of the immensely fast paced world we live in. People no longer go to stores so much to shop and home shopping has become a huge industry. Internet searches for products and services have replaced the Yellow pages!

Any business that does not have a web presence is bound to lose out big time because people turn to the internet for their information. When we consider the travel agent and internet marketing it is interesting to study the impact that online marketing has on a travel agent.

In terms of money, the travel agent will benefit. Advertising in the phone directory, newspapers, magazines and other media is an expensive affair; most online advertising is very cheap and advertisements in internet directories are free. Another advantage is the links to your website you can put in the advertisement, which will help direct visitors to your site.

You can upgrade your website by adding superior quality content to it; it is not very expensive to get professional content written by a ghost writer, if you cannot do the writing yourself. This will attract customers because people turn to the internet every single time for information. Once your customers figure out that you are a travel agent who knows his stuff you have a potential customer to hand. You don’t even need a website to register with the online directories; however, internet marking has more of a positive impact when you have your own site.

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The name you choose for your domain is a very useful internet marketing tool. Choose a name that will also be your URL; make sure it is relevant to the travel services you provide. Customers will find it easy to remember the name and will soon stop bothering to do a search to find travel agents, coming instead directly to your site. Remember your domain name will be your online identify for the foreseeable future.

Competition in every industry is extremely fierce and the travel industry is no different. For a travel agent to become successful online, a very well thought out internet marketing plan is essential. A good internet marketing plan includes the following:

– Getting your site registered with the online directories

– Optimize your website for the search engines

– Make correct use of keywords and keyword phrases to get a high ranking in the search engine results; you aim should be to get your website listed in the first 5 results on every major search engine. This will greatly increase web traffic to your site, giving you increased numbers of potential customers.

– Obtaining an email database of customers who visit your site

– Sending emails to potential customers

– Providing informative and useful content for customers

– Setting up linkbacks to your site