Traveling With Your Laptop

Traveling With Your Laptop

Today many people find that taking a trip without their laptop is almost impossible. If you are a writer or researcher then you laptop is a vital tool for your profession.

If you are traveling for your business then being able to say in touch via email is just as crucial.

If you are just going on a vacation then before you leave you need to give some thought to your itinerary and decide if you will really have time to use the laptop before you make the decision to lug it along. If you plan to just check and respond to your email then you may want to just work at an internet café from time to time. If you think you will need to reference some of your files then take them along with you on an external USB storage device.

The odds are higher that your laptop will be stolen while you are traveling than when it is at home or in your office.

So, before and during your trip you need to take some precautions. 

Make a full backup of your laptop’s hard drive.

Affix a business card with your cell phone number on it to the bottom of your laptop. Be sure and include your area code.

Consider putting a bright or unique label on your laptop and bag so that you can easily spot it.

Watch closely your laptop (and other items) as they come out of the x-ray belt. Do not get distracted with your own activity of going through the security machine.

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Never leave your laptop unattended.

Put your laptop in a different case. One that does not look like a normal laptop case.

Make sure you have secured the laptop before taking a nap in a public place such as an airport terminal, bus or train waiting areas. Place the laptop between your feet or in the chair with you between you and the chair arm. You may want to go so far as to cuff it to your wrist.  There are special laptop locks made for this purpose. These locks can also be used to lock the laptop to a table or bed in the hotel rooms while you are out.

Consider taking an extra battery and an extension cord. 

One method of backing up your data is a software product named Lojack. This software can help secure your documents and also help recover your computer if it is stolen.

Another option is to consider . This software runs in the background and with your computers webcam takes pictures ever few minutes. This way you can see the person using your computer and they also show their IP address to help you or law enforcement track down your computer.

If traveling by airplane, you need to know that most airlines consider your laptop as your one personal item that you can carry-on during your flight. So, your laptop may have to take the place of your purse, a diaper bag or your one piece of carry-on luggage that is allowed. 

A lot of this is just common sense, but when we are in the middle of packing and making all the other arrangements so we can travel, we just don’t take time to stop and think so our common sense can kick in. 

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Hopefully this has given you some friendly reminders and you will have a safe and hassle free trip.