Trip Cancellation Insurance Protects Your Travel Investment

Trip Cancellation Insurance Protects Your Travel Investment

Economic difficulties and the constantly rising cost of fuel continues to drive the cost of travel upward. With that in mind, it’s important that you protect your travel investment by purchasing trip cancellation insurance. This type of insurance will allow you to recoup your investment should you have to cancel your trip.

There are many reasons people cancel their travel plans nowadays. For a lot of people, security issues make them feel uncomfortable traveling, and they may choose not to use plane tickets they booked months ago. If you have travel cancellation insurance and Cancel for Any Reason coverage, you can cancel your flight with 48 hours notice and save 75% of your expenses.

Another common reason for cancelling is because of shifting business plans. A client may cancel or re-schedule meetings on very short notice, which can leave you on the hook for expensive hotel and airfare costs. But by adding Cancel for Work Reasons coverage to your trip cancellation policy, your investment will be protected in the event a client changes your plans.

Health issues can also cause you to postpone a flight. Some policies offer coverage for pre-existing conditions like heart problems. When these conditions flare up, traveling may not be safe, so you’ll need trip cancellation insurance to make sure you get some of your money back if you cannot depart.

A lot of travel insurance packages will have a special event cancellation addendum which will offer reimbursement if an event you were planning to attend is cancelled. Availability of this coverage varies by plan, so be sure to talk to your plan representative to learn more.

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And your trip cancellation insurance policy covers hotel costs and cruise purchases as well. Plus, many plans will cover flight delays and interruptions in addition to actual cancellations. This level of protection will definitely allow you to book with peace of mind.

It’s easy to calculate the expense for these programs. They’re determined by your age and the cost of your trip.

As travel prices show no signs of slowing down, and travel delays and cancellations become more prevalent, every traveler should consider a travel insurance policy. For as little as under $100, you can protect your investment by simply planning for the uncertain.