Using Leftover Bread to Make Another Meal

After a meal that includes buns, you might have a few leftovers. Instead of throwing them away, there are a few ideas that you could try so that you have another meal for your family. If you don’t plan on using them right away, store them in an airtight bag or a container in the freezer.


If you eat a lot of salads or you make a variety of soups for your family, then you can use any leftover kaiser buns to make croutons. Cut the bread into small squares before drizzling the pieces with olive oil. Bake the bread until it has a golden color and the texture is crispy. Put the croutons in a container so that they can be used when you want.


With leftover buns, you can make a variety of Po’boys with almost any kind of ingredient that you like. A common ingredient to use is shrimp. Lightly bread the shrimp before frying it to give it a nice texture. Drizzle hot sauce on the shrimp before you put it in the bun. You could also use oysters, fish, or roast beef. You can toast the bun for added flavor.


Although not a typical dish that you might think of creating when you have leftover buns, you can make parfaits with chocolate, whipped cream, and other ingredients. Soak the bread in melted chocolate until it seeps through. Create layers of chocolate bread, pudding, whipped cream, and other items that you want to include. Top the parfait with fresh fruit, such as a cherry or a strawberry.

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You’ve probably heard of using eggs as a binder for when you make meatloaf or other items with hamburger. Another option would be to use small pieces of buns that you don’t use for a meal. The bread will help to keep the meat and other ingredients together so that it can be formed into the shape that you want it, such as a meatball or a meatloaf.


Press the buns that you have just enough so that they are flat but can still support various toppings. Add everything from shredded cheese to vegetables to create a delightful appetizer tray for a special event or to enjoy with your family. Another option is to create paninis with the bread. You want to use softer bread if possible, to make these sandwiches. Ingredients that you could include are sliced beef, broccoli, and provolone cheese. Lightly grill each side of the sandwiches that you make after drizzling them with olive oil.

Make A Salad

Add another type of flavor and texture to your salads by including small pieces of bread. Grill the bread with butter or oil so that it blends with the other flavors that you have in the salad. This idea works well with salads that have broccoli, nuts, cranberries, and similar ingredients in them. You can also use the bread as a bottom layer with your other ingredients on top so that there’s a sturdy base for larger salads that you want to make.