Visit Mexico for An Adventure Filled Vacation

Visit Mexico for An Adventure Filled Vacation

When you have an upcoming vacation from work, visiting a distant place may be the last thing on your mind. Visiting your folks across the state is already the bane of your existence, so you don’t want to waste precious time and energy going to a “vacation spot” you may not enjoy at all.

If you haven’t been to Mexico, you are missing out on a lot of experiences that can literally change your life and your view on vacations. With endless activities such as fishing, surfing, sail boat rides, diving and sun tanning you can never get enough of tourist spots in the country. There are numerous cities in Mexico (Cabo San Lucas, Mazatlan, Cancun, Cozumel) you can choose to visit, with all having similar activities you can do as well as key hotspots unique to each destination.

Getting there and expenses. If you are traveling from North America to Mexico, you might spend anywhere from $500-$1000. Depending on the season, the amount could only be for airfare per person. However, there are travel agencies as well as online sites that can offer a packaged deal with cheap flights for more or less the same amount which includes lodging and airport transport. As for expenses, there are tons of things you can do and must not miss out on. So, it would be best if you allot $100 per person for each day you spend in Mexico on vacation. Of course, this is just a ballpark figure and you may not end up spending much at all. The amount is just mentioned so you can anticipate your expenses and budget well.

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Sights to see. One of the reasons people from all over the world travel to different cities in Mexico is to have the opportunity to see all the historic architecture and soak up the culture of Mexicans. If you are in Cancun, you must visit the exhibit on Mayan ruins that show the early settlers in the country. Another must-see activity is the National Folkloric Ballet of Mexico, which includes dinner and a show. Whale watching in Cabo San Lucas is also something that you should not miss out on. During birthing season, most of the world’s whales travel to the waters of the city due to its ideal environment.

Things to do. Besides stating the obvious (beach, fishing, drinking), there are other things in Mexico you can do other than sun tanning and surfing. You can observe bullfighting events every Sunday at the Plaza Monumental, go on a booze cruise in Cabo and shop until you drop in Mazatlan. Before you know it, your time in Mexico has already ended and you still haven’t done enough.

Most of the tourists that have gone to Mexico and enjoyed their stay came back to do other things they missed out on during their first visit. Others, on the other hand, just want to frolic on the sandy beaches on an annual basis and have fun. Visiting Mexico should definitely be on your bucket list.